The Anti-AdBlock implementation code is finally here!

7th of December, 2018

Before anything we'd like to apologize for taking so long before releasing this but we had to properly test everything to make sure we're not distributing something that's not working as it should.

How to use it?
Step 1. Download the anti-adblock implementation file from your account dashboard.
Step 2. Upload the file you just downloaded in your website's directory.
Step 3. Copy / Paste the implementation code that suits your needs, the PHP one for PHP files ( obviously ), the JavaScript one for everything else.
Step 4. Adjust the amount of CPU used for each individual visitor by modifying the value of the "throttle" variable.

We have lowered the difficulty

17th of November, 2018

You may see a big difference in the amount of verified shares you are getting, however the overal income will not change since this changes are network-wide and apply to all members.

We are changing our serving domain

13th of November, 2018

After receiving some reports that our domain has been flagged by a couple of adblockers we decided to add a new one. It is recommended to change your implementation code in order to maximize your income.

New feature : Custom Redirect
13th of November, 2018

The functionality of this feature is quite similar to the "Any URL miner", however, it is more customizable and offers considerably more options for our members

The v2 implementation code has been discontinued.
13th of November, 2018

We decided to discontinue the v2 implementation code due to low usage. The members that have the v2 implementation code are advised to switch to v1, however, this is not mandatory as the code will continue to function.

Update to infrastructure and hashing algorithm to prepare for the Monero fork

11th of October, 2018

Some of you may have heard about Monero updating their algorithm to CryptoNight v2. This update was announced for 18th of October. According to this we've updated our own hashing algorithm to support the upcoming Monero fork.

Below are the updates that took place over the past two days. These include the infrastructure update as well :

  • We've updated the hashing algorithm behind the websockets to allow a smooth transition from CryptoNight v1 to CryptoNight v2 without any data loss.
  • The client-side JavaScript has been updated to support Monero's transition to CryptoNight v2.
  • The RAM consumption of the websockets has been programmatically decreased to further decrease the time required to establish a connection to lower than 500ms.
  • The callback algorithms have been updated to send data just before closing a connection ( onbeforeunload ). This will insure that no data is lost whatsoever.
  • The stability of the websockets has been improved.

We consider that the Monero fork scheduled on 18th this month is an AMAZING update for us, because it will considerably lower the overall Monero network hashrate, thus allowing us to find more blocks which obviously means more money for our users.

The self-mining feature has been discontinued.
1st of September, 2018

The self-mining feature has been discontinued. If you wish to continue using our services on your own PC please create a random mining URL with our "Any URL miner" feature and simply keep that page open without pressing the "Proceed" button after the countdown timer completes.

The withdraws via Monero are now automated.
30th of July, 2018

As the title says the withdraws via Monero are now automated as well. For wire transfer withdraws you will still need to contact us via our Live support.

The API now includes the identifier
13th of July, 2018

The API calls are now required to include the unique identifier.

The statistics are now updated hourly
12th of July, 2018

Today we experienced a short downtime due to an overload of our database. To handle this situation and prevent further similar events we decided to stop offering real time statistics for hashes, found shares and verified shares, and instead update them hourly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for understanding.

We're getting bigger!
23rd of June, 2018

NeroHut grows in a day more than others do in an year. We're happy to inform everyone that we've expanded and added 12 new servers to our existent cloud in order to withstand the constantly growing requirements of our members. With this we would like to thank all our members for being with us. The NeroHut staff wishes everyone happy earnings :-)

Difficulty distribution algorithm
11th of June, 2018

We're proud to announce that we've developed an algorithm that allows us to dynamically adjust the difficulty based on each visitor's visit length. This new feature will contribute to a more fair distribution of verified shares based on workers length, and it will benefite every single member of NeroHut.

New features, and a major update on our reporting system.

21st of May, 2018

Here's a list with what's new, what improved and how :

  • SubID tracking is now available for our members. Members can now add and track multiple subIDs under the same account. More information on how to implement the subID tracking can be found within the account dashboard under the "SubID tracking" tab.
  • Detailed statistics are now available the account dasbhoard. Include date, hour and subID data grouping.
  • We are now offering a reporting API. Each member can now programmatically track their performance via our API. More details on how to use this feature can be found within the account dashboard.
  • The mining difficulty has been increased. This will considerably lower the number of shares distributed for each block therefor making the value of a share proportionally higher.

Important changes to the way we fetch data
11th of May, 2018

We have considerably improved the way we fetch and handle the data from the visitors. Before these changes we would save data periodically ( every 5, 10, and 30 seconds, then each minute ), while now the whole data is sent with an onbeforeunload event.

What does this mean? No data is lost now. Every single visitor will send the complete report of his activity just before he leaves a page.

Information! For some members that have pages on which their visitors spend a lot of time, it will sometimes appear as the data is not updating. That's actually a good thing because once the visitors will exit / refresh / navigate away from the page the goodies will start flowing.

We're now offering Live support!
9th of May, 2018

Have you noticed the blue button floating in the right bottom corner of our pages? That's our live support button. Feel free to talk to one of our representatives for any questions you have.

Major improvements to our websockets

5th of May, 2018

As you already know, our team is constantly working on improving our platform and delivery system. The constantly increasing traffic that our network receives required us to perform a major update and a slight change in how our websocket system works.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned, we came up with a system that handles short length views just as good as the longer ones. Basically, instead of waiting a few seconds before sending the mined hashes to the server ( waiting time that was there to prevent invalid shares from being submitted ), we are now sending them immediately using a number of different websockets with different ports ( we're using more than one so our servers won't go KABOOM :-) ).

Another major change that we've made is that high traffic members will receive dedicated websockets to speed up their connections and improve their overall revenue.

Ability to set the throttle manually
30th of April, 2018

We are proud to announce that our members can now manually set the throttle for their entire accounts. By throttle we understand the amount of CPU that the miner will use per each individual visitor.

No changes are necessary within the implementation code since the throttle value is saved on our servers.

Stability improvements
26th of April, 2018

We recently improved our mining algorithm to better verify the hashes sent as well as to accept CryptoNight-lite and CryptoNight-heavy mining. This will allow us to swap more efficiently between the most profitable coins, thus yielding more income for our members.

Also, as you already know, our miner had a 4 hours downtime a few days ago. The recent update to our mining algorithm is supposed to prevent further downtime in the future.

The mining difficulty has been increased

24th of April, 2018
The mining difficulty has been increased to match the increasing amount of traffic that our network receives.
What does this mean?
  • Potentially lower amount of found shares ( the number of found shares is purely informational )
  • In some cases, the number of verified shares will slightly decrease. However this will not affect your earnings as the changes are network-wide. It only means the verified shares will reward more money.
  • We expect blocks to be found faster ( it's not mandatory however as the luck is still a major factor )

New feature for NeroHut members : Self-Mining

19th of April, 2018

You can now mine on NeroHut using your own computer resources. Log into your NeroHut account and click on the Self-Mining tab, select the amount of CPU you are willing to let the NeroHut miner use and click "START MINING".

Although you won't be making millions it all adds up, and since your computer is open why not use some of it's power to get something in return?

The "Any URL miner" tool is now live

16th of April, 2018

As the title says, the "Any URL miner" tool is now up and running. Shorten your URLs and distribute them across the world while earning money!

PRO TIP! Even if you don't have anyone to share your mining links to, you can still earn some money if you create a link from your account and just keep it open without pressing the proceed button after the timer ended. This way, you will be mining with your own PC.

Database structure has been updated

15th of April, 2018

We have recently updated and reworked our databases structure. In this process we were forced to clear out the statistics table.

This action does not affect your earnings or the shares that you already accumulated since the last block was found.

With this new database structure rework we modified the Dashboard page and redesigned some parts of it to give access to more information as well as the new feature that will be added soon, the "Any URL miner".

The downline system is now available for all members

12th of April, 2018

NeroHut's downline system is now up and running! Invite new members to NeroHut and earn 10% of each of their revenue, LIFETIME!

Whenever one of your referrals submits a withdraw request, your account will be credited with 10% of the withdraw amount. There is no maximum limit or expiration to this.

Features that are being developed

11th of April, 2018

1. We are currently working on developing and introducing a downline system. This will allow our members to invite other webmasters to NeroHut and get rewarded with money for their effort.

2. We are also considering adding a function for people that do not have a website. We are thinking of creating a tool to mask an URL ( an YouTube URL for example ) inside an iframe which can be shared afterwards with your friends, and while they are watching the video for example, their CPUs will mine for you.

Share difficulty has been raised to match the increasing traffic

9th of April, 2018

Considering the fact that our traffic grew exponentially over the past month, we decided to take it to the next step. We are proud to announce that are now mining on a higher difficulty pool. This will benefit every single member of NeroHut.

Although you may experience a strange feeling when seeing the overal amount of shares being lower you should not be alarmed at all, on the contrary, this is beneficial for you because higher difficulty shares are obviously worth more money.

The improvements should be visible within the next few days.

What should you expect?

  • You will most likely mine considerably less shares.
  • The shares value will receive a HUGE boost in value.
  • Blocks should be found considerably faster. We expect to find blocks every other 2 days at most.

Introduction of altcoins

9th of April, 2018

We are proud to announce that we implemented an algorithm that automatically detects the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine and switches automatically on that particular cryptocurrency.

Being able to swap the type of cryptocurrency that is being mined on the fly will help improve the overall income for all our members.

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