What is NeroHut?

NeroHut can be described as JavaScript browser miner, but there is so much more to it than that.

NeroHut monetizes the traffic that your website gets by using the CPU power of your visitors. Our implementation code will be using 20% of the CPU of each and every visitor that your website receives in order to solve a number of hashes. This way, your website's traffic will be mining for crypto currencies while you will be able to provide an improved ad-free user experience for all your visitors.

Unlike other services, NeroHut does not use WebAssembly nor does it overloads the CPUs of your visitors. Twenty percent of a visitor's CPU is 99.99% of times not even noticed.

The best thing about NeroHut is that it works for anyone, anywhere, anytime. You will no longer have to worry about rates per country or click through rates or conversions or anything similar. NeroHut provides the best possible monetization method.

How to get started?

There's really not much to be said here. Basically, you create an account, then you log in, then you fetch your implementation code from your account dashboard and just copy / paste it anywhere within your pages. That's all there is to it.

How does NeroHut work?

NeroHut will gather data from each domain / publisher regarding the amount of shares that were verified and store this information in our database. As soon as a block is found evey NeroHut member will have their balance updated based on their contribution.
NeroHut shares no less than 90% of the total amount of income that is being generated.

It is very important to mention that it may sometimes take even a few days to find a block, however this does not affect your income by any meaning, considering that the earnings will split evenly based on everyone's contribution.

What type of cryptocurrency is NeroHut mining?

At this moment we are mining CryptoNight, CryptoNight v7, CryptoNight-Lite and CryptoNight-Heavy based coins, swapping the mined cryptocurrency based on the overall profitability of each coin to insure that our members yield the highest possible revenue from their activity with NeroHut.

This, however, is always subject to change as we constantly work on improving, and there's a high possibility that more cryptocurrencies will be added into the rotation.

The obvious... How much money will you be making?

NeroHut, unlike other similar services will ONLY utilize at most 20% of a visitor's CPU power. We are doing this for a number of reasons like not wanting to ruin the user experience on a website and wanting to keep our scripts free from ad blockers for example.

This being said, NeroHut does not intend to replace the traditional advertising on a publisher's website, we merely want to add more to the publisher overall revenue from the website. NeroHut will most likely not be as effective as traditional advertising when it comes to generating income, however unlike traditional advertising, NeroHut does not involve any kind of user action and it's 100% passive.

Think of NeroHut as a javascript code you add to your pages just like jQuery or Bootstrap. It just sits there without affecting anything, BUT it generates some extra cash for you.

Does NeroHut affect your visitors in any way?

Our coding is designed in a way that will guarantee the fact that the visitor's activities have nothing to suffer. To make a comparison, our miner will consume pretty much the same amount of a CPU that a YouTube video is consuming, maybe even less if the video is full HD.

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