Monetize Every Single Visitor of Your Website

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Non intrusive monetization

Forget about traditional ad formats and the nuisance they are to your visitors as well as the space they ocupy

Withdraw anytime, anywhere

NeroHut offers payments on request with a minimum withdraw amount of $1.00 USD via PayPal or Monero

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No approval processes or verifications. As soon as you create your account, you are good to go.

The most flexible monetization

NeroHut's one line implementation code can be added on any page, on any type of website, literally anywhere.

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The idea behind NeroHut and how is all this possible?

NeroHut monetizes the traffic that your website gets by using the CPU power of your visitors. Our implementation code will be using 20% of the CPU of each and every visitor that your website receives in order to solve a number of hashes. This way, your website's traffic will be mining for crypto currencies while you will be able to provide an improved ad-free user experience for all your visitors.

The best thing about NeroHut is that it works for anyone, anywhere, anytime. You will no longer have to worry about rates per country or click through rates or conversions or anything similar. NeroHut provides the best possible monetization method.

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